Midnight at the Cashtown Inn

Friday December 16 was truly a night to remember, the ultimate Ghost Experience.  We met at 9:00PM with Jack Paladino (owner) kicking off the evening given a concise history of the Inn, then some great ghost folklore of the early days, that was flowered by a rare opportunity to investigate the basement one of the most haunted spots anywhere.

The group was lead by Jack and our lead investigator Robyn armed with meters to check out the activity.  When the investigation was over we were shown the History Channels investigation of the Inn.  The final hour Jack & Maria shared some of the most spine tingling stories of the Inn along with some of their own experiences, and then we were shown some of the greatest ghost pictures we have ever seen.  We wrapped it up at the stroke of midnight.  One of the greatest ghost experiences in one of the most haunted buildings in America.  Thank you Jack & Maria (Owners of the Cashtown Inn) for this great opportunity.

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