More Eyewitness Accounts of the Supernatural


… With no other vehicles or people in the area, we slowly drove across the field to Devil’s Den. As we followed the road that surrounds the boulders, we came to a rise in the road, then saw in the distance coming toward us, a troop of soldiers. I described them as soldiers because they were dressed in Confederate attire carrying muskets, marching in a straight line. The lead man was dressed in a gray uniform with a large hat on his head. He had a ghostly stare, and a pale face with a flesh wound on it. The ironic part is the soldiers never moved their stare from my blinding headlights. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw nothing. I turned to my wife and responded by saying, “That’s somebody playing a sick joke.” Possibly it was my response to denial. I was determined to find an explanation to this frightening experience. I then drove around and back through Devil’s Den to see if I could find the pranksters. I could not find them on my second run. I was ever more determined, so I drove around a third time. At the exact point of initial contact, we were confronted by the same troops, coming from nowhere – the same man in front and the same troops marching!

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